A Consulting Collaborative


We collaborate with consultants across almost any field that serves nonprofit organizations. And we do it remotely. No need to form a selection committee, hold interviews, and take away the time you could be spending communicating with your constituents! Just make one phone call!


Your time is precious, and it can be impinged on so easily, taking away energy and effort from THE TOP FIVE THINGS you need to be doing. (You know what those are!)


Twenty-five years ago, I was an instrumental founder of an organization called the Association for Philanthropic Counsel  [website LINK]. It was, and is, a wonderful organization that helps consultants refine their skills, use best practices, and be of service to nonprofits in serious need of fundraising help.


What did not result, however, was a network of people I could call on with different expertise from my own.


ePhilanthropy Partners is a multi-disciplinary, project-based organization. We are founded on the premise that most consulting can be provided virtually, without the expense of travel and a lot of wasted meeting time, across many fields.


Coaching, deficit-reduction, governance advice, many forms of fundraising, grant-writing, evaluation, graphic design, web presence (and even professional counsel) are easy to provide via the internet, and using Skype, Zoom, Basecamp, or many project management apps. Planned giving consulting? We’ve got it. Ditto donor retention, staff recruitment, program roll-out, budgeting, and more.

Nonprofit Ethical Practice


All of our vetted consultants are committed to best practices and follow the Codes of Ethical Practice in their respective fields. Whether serving you in fundraising, management, human resources, marketing or program development, they follow the rules that protect you and your organization from fraud, embezzlement, and difficult situations you did not anticipate.


Our folks have been vetted, proven, and successful in practicing what they preach. Collectively, they have 1000 YEARS of experience. Many have active businesses. Some are semi-retired from a life of service, but still, want to give back. All come with references. For reference, here is a guide to some of the codes of ethical practice we follow: 


Every one of us has signed a pledge to uphold these practices in the areas within which we work. All of us are degreed, many have advanced credentials (PhD, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE, FAHP, SPHR… and so forth). We are all committed to serving others, and the environment at large, to assure that our children, and their children, have a fair and safe place to live, and work.

How it Works


You call us. We’ll take an inventory of your immediate problems and concerns.


We evaluate not only the symptomatic problems you are dealing with, but also the possible underlying issues. Your call and information is ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL (and we use encrypted text for emails).


The initial situational-based Inventory becomes a road-map that can be adjusted. (You know how if you are driving from Miami to Seattle, there are lots of ways to get there?) Together, we figure out the best approach and look at ways to navigate it.


The Inventory is key to this process: lots of companies and associations list members and referrals. But how do you know who is best for you? Time searching and talking to bunches of people who have a passion for your mission is time-consuming, and unnecessary. We figure that out with you.


Then, we have two major options: we’ll either refer you to people whom we know will help solve your problem or contract them ourselves to attain a successful outcome. Either way, you save time, money and energy to do what is needed most.


If we refer, the referee pays a small referral fee and then is free to work with you again without compensation to us.


If we contract, you will still be free, in the future, to contact that consultant again.


Our client base is mostly $2-$20 million dollar institutions — although we do serve national organizations with local chapters, too. You’ll pay a $______ fee for the initial inventory…. and then forever benefit from our network of qualified counsel.

Become an ePhilanthropic Partner


All of our counsel, even sponsors, and underwriters, provide four demonstrations of capacity, and market satisfaction and competence:


1) three written references within the last five years

2) completion of an inventory to rank their own range plus top-ranked skills

3) an application swearing to uphold best practices and ethics, and

4) proof of insurance, work comp, FEIN and/or required licenses, when needed.


It’s why we call ourselves a quasi-coop: we have an advisory board that represents critical fields. Advisors are prevented by employment from moonlighting as our consultants.


a) Review and accept applications

b) Advise us of marketplace trends, and skills needed to address them

c) Recommend new participants.


If you think you are a fit, there are four ways to participate.


• Indicate your interest, and check “JUST CALL ME” in the membership package. We’ll worry about the rest of the paperwork when we have a job that fits your skills.


• Become an ePHILANTHROPIC PARTNER. Use the logo on your website and we will reciprocate by calling you first when an opportunity arises in your field.


• Promote yourself by becoming a “ePHILANTHROPIC PREMIUM PARTNER” and appear on our website. Annual sponsorship fees apply. Ideal for product providers.


• Underwriters have a stake in ownership.  Investor inquiries are welcome.


For more information, contact         Nancy L. Brown, MBA, ACFRE, CAE


                                                            ePhilanthropy Partners LLC

Want to help others? We got you covered.

We're all committed to serving others, and the environment at large, to assure that our children, and their children, have a fair and safe place to live, and work.

We help you build your skills and join us on our mission to make our world a better place.

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